EA+ (Emergency Assistance Plus)

Any time you have an accident or sudden illness while traveling away from home, ARA Emergency Assistance Plus provides a crucial safety net that helps pay for emergency medical transportation expenses your health or travel insurance generally will NOT cover. EA+ steps in to provide Medical Evacuation, Medical Assistance, Travel Assistance, and Assistance for Companions.

EA+ is available to ARA members at a 30% discount off the broad market rate.

Worldwide protection for you when you travel away from home: $114
Protect you and your family (that’s only $30 more!): $144

For more information, visit: www.EmergencyAssistancePlus.com/ara


EA+ provides more than 20 emergency medical assistance benefits while you’re traveling away from home. Here are some of the great benefits members have access to.

Medical Evacuation (by air and/or ground) if needed to move you from a medical facility that can’t treat you for your condition to thte nearest appropriate medical facility that can.

Transportation after Stabilization will be arranged and paid for to help you return to your home or to a health care facility nearer to your home if medically necessary.

Nurse Escort provided if deemed medically necessary to help ensure you get proper medical care during your trip home.

Repatriation Costs paid to bring your remains home in case of death while traveling.

Transportation to Join a Hospitalized Member if you are alone and become hospitalized, EA+ will coordinate and pay for one economy roundtrip airfare for a person of your choice to join you.

Vehicle Return Costs arranged and paid if you and your traveling companion cannot drive your vehicle back to your place of residence due to illness, injury or death.

Return of Traveling Companion, Children or Grandchildren will be arranged and paid in the event you are hospitalized, evacuated or pass away while away from home.


Q. What if I get hospitalized hundreds of miles from home and neither my traveling companion or I can drive my car or RV back?
A. EA+ will arrange and pay for it to be driven to your home.

Q. What if I’m hospitalized following an accident and due to medical necessity have to be transported to a different facility that may be miles away?
A. EA+ will arrange and pay for the expenses necessary to get you to the closest appropriate medical facility for the help you need.

Q. How is EA+ different from trip insurance?
A. EA+ is not trip insurance. Unlike trip insurance, EA+ protects you for a full year on any trip you take away from home. EA+ also helps pay for expenses usually not covered by trip insurance.

*This information is only an outline of the plan’s features.
The full terms, benefits and conditions of the plan are shown in your Member Benefit Guide. Please read it carefully.